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~ “An Absolute Joy” ~

Nick Nicholson, CNN

~ “Eccentric & Effervescent” ~

Anton Bitel, Projected Figures

~ “DeMille is terrific!” ~

Kim Newman, Sci-Fi-London


In post-apocalyptic North America one family fights for survival.

Atomic Apocalypse is a sci-fi movie set two years in the future after a major nuclear war has destroyed civilization on earth as we know it. 

A mother and her daughter struggle to survive this cruel new world and embark upon a perilous journey through a mutating, radioactive wilderness as they battle lawless scavengers, deviants and worse in their quest to build a better future.

A Gothic Manor, Eddy Out, and Far Fetched Films production, Atomic Apocalypse is the fourth feature film of BAFTA-winning, Emmy-nominated director Martin Gooch; his first three having won or been nominated for over 44 awards.


A true independent film, Atomic Apocalypse is a timely cautionary tale that reflects the worldwide zeitgeist that we find ourselves in. 

It was shot almost entirely in Northern California and Southeastern Montana USA with the help of the Big Sky Film Grant, with emotionally gripping characters and almost all female leads. 

Award-winning writer/director Martin Gooch says “it’s laced with a positive message that to achieve survival we must work together as one race… the human race.”

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